GiX_MiX (gix_mix) wrote in pass_set_attack,

Name: Zala

Age:  17

Years played: 8

Position: Outside hitter? :P dunno if this is what its called

Im from slovenia, been playing for 8 years. I love vball more than anything and my goal is to become a pro vball player but I dont think this will ever happen :D

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If you play left side in the front row, then "outside hitter" is the appropriate term, at least in the U.S. :}

I say, keep working toward your goal! If you keep trying and working hard, who knows what could happen? Even if don't get the opportunity to play professionally, you'll still gain a lot of experience and be an asset to many other teams. :)

yep, left side :D i will keep trying because i want this more than anything. i wish i s+could get like a vball scholarship or sth :P
I guess I don't know anything about the volleyball system in Slovenia... or even Europe in general. I know there's much better indoor professional league structure in Europe than there is here... But are collegiate scholarships common? Women's scholarships are fairly common in the U.S. We've even seen some European talent come over here to play collegiately. Sanja Tomasevic (Washington) and Hana Cutura (Cal) come to mind, though I'm sure there are others.

In any case, maybe that's an option if no scholarships materialize in your area and you are feeling adventerous. :} I could probably use some contacts to get you a scholarship at my alma mater, however if you are even remotely thinking about going pro, it would be a huge step backwards to play for them. You'd probably really help the team, but you also would not develop much as a player in all likelihood. :}

yeah i was thinking about an overseas scholarship, over here i doubt we even have them :) we have a very organised league, but unfortunately no one from a smaller town can make the international team because people that are looking for players only look in 3 major clubs here. so you have to really stand out to go to trials. i qualified once or twice i think but that was like 2 years ago.
i know some girls from slovenia that went to america on a scholarship but they all returned after a year. i assume that uni is really hard if english is not ur native language.
i'd probably like to go to play in america but i've looked through some universities and none of them had a very good vball team because everything there is focused on basketball.
i qualified once or twice i think but that was like 2 years ago.

I guess I don't know how it works, but hopefully it is a promising thing if you qualified a few years ago... You'd figure that in that time, you've probably gotten even better, so if you could qualify then, maybe you can qualify again? :)

i assume that uni is really hard if english is not ur native language.

That's a good point, though perhaps it depends on your level of proficiency. Do you find this conversation challenging? You seem to be doing fine. My guess is that the most challenging areas would be those that involve technical terminology. One of my LJ friends is from Finland and we had a conversation a while ago regarding the difficulty in getting help with math in a different language. A lot of math terms are foreign to native speakers ("the midpoint of the hypotenuse in any right triangle is equidistant to each of the vertices" ;). It's almost like translating twice, in addition to just getting the math concepts... On the other hand, if you aren't planning to study something math or science related, maybe it wouldn't be so bad...

The bottom line is that if you are actually studying in an effort to excel and learn, uni is difficult even if you are a native speaker. :} However, the language barrier might just be an extra level of complexity that is difficult to overcome. Do you know anyone who has tried studying abroad? Maybe they can give you the inside track on what the challenges are...

Basketball is pretty popular over here... Although, women's volleyball does alright. Many universities have a women's volleyball program. However, the quality of such programs can range from embarrassing to amazing. Big name volleyball universities include Penn State, Stanford, Nebraska, Texas, Cal, Washington, Florida, UCLA, Minnesota, USC, Hawaii, etc. Smaller schools could offer a good volleyball experience, but I honestly don't know what would qualify if you are looking to make a career out of volleyball.

Anyway, I'm probably ill-suited to offer much more information than what I have already... but if you end up with any questions, feel free to post to the community. Hopefully it works out. :)

i hope i will qualify once again but the thing is that im not good enough to play for u know the oldest team :D but i only have 1 year left for U-18.
i dont find this conversation challenging. and that sentence u wrote, i actually understand it just because we are doing that in math right now :D and no im not planning to study math because i basically suck at it :D
my cousin studied in england for a year, he told me he'd help me with everything if i decided to go abroad. im more interested in history or maybe chemistry but i was reading an article about chem or sth and names of the formulas are really hard to decode :D
i heard about UCLA, USC and Stanford but I didnt know they had any vball programs.
and im watching that college basketball thing on ESPN from time to time, they r pretty amazing compared to our players :D
Random icon-love! :)