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Volleyball Essay

As my last volleyball season wound to a close, I began to think about all that we'd been through. Like the time Linda Sanchez told me that I sounded like a guy when I cheered. Or that time when we were playing Pima and I blocked their big middle hitter about six feet off the net. I got the block, but unfortunately it went under the net.

I remember that year when we went to Cibicue and East Fork and the entire way back Coach picked on Richelle and Crystal. He actually had Richelle convinced that she was related to her boyfriend, Clyde. That was the trip where we made the mistake of giving one walkie-talkie to Crystal and one to Tate and they talked nonstop for the six hour trip.

And when we went to State that year I made the horrible mistake of sitting next to Crystal. Crystal believes in a LOT of elbow space and my hip was often the object of her elbow's affection.

Even practice was a hoot with Crystal around. We were doing this exercise where you lay on your back and put your legs in the air, feet together, and you have a partner that stands at your shoulders and pushes your feet back. You're supposed to not let your feet drop too mich and then bring them back up. There were only two pairs left doing it, and it happened to be Crystal with Erin Perkins and Alysia with Richelle. Crystal apparently had eaten a bad batch of tomatoes for lunch and when Erin pushed her feet, Crystal pushed back, only in a different way. She let a loud one rip. Her first comeback was "Can I go to the bathroom?" Coach obviously let her.

One time at a home game, Richelle came off the court, and as was customary, ran down our bench and gave everyone a high five. When she got to the end of the bench, she fell right on her butt. It sent the bench into a fit of giggles and destroyed our serious demeanor.

Tiffany made the mistake of hosting a volleyball sleepover at her house one year that involved a flurry of flying pillows and lots of Coach's and Donna's livingroom decorations getting knocked over and nearly broken.

Or maybe that one move by Becky where she went rolling for a ball and ended up between Alysia's legs. Oh, and that time we were coming up on a railroad crossing in the bus and everyone was being really loud because they didn't see it. Coach turns around and in that loud "mumble" of his said "Zip it!" Becky thought he had said "Ribbit!" After that, every time we came up on a railroad crossing someone would call out "Ribbit!"

Coach had told us that honey was really good for energy, so I took some to the Pima Tournament, and Becky, Veronica P, Elsa and I drank it from the bottle all afternoon. Needless to say, we had plenty of energy.

Or that insignificant event at the Pima Tournament where I came down from a jump wrong and happened to tear my ACL.

My point is that even though my last season didn't end as I had expected it to, I regret nothing in the past four years (even blocking that Pima girl six feet off the net). I suppose that's how you're supposed to live. Live life with no regrets, and when you have regrets, think of what you learned from it. Everything happens for a reason, and you can take a bad experience and turn it into something positive. It's extremely hard but extremely possible.

The past four years of volleyball have been more than worth all the blood (yes, I mean that literally, I tore part of my thumbnail off once), sweat, and tears. It has taught me life lessons I couldn't have learned from a textbook or school. It taught me that hard work does pay off, and that dedication, loyalty, and courge can take you places you never imagined. I saw a poster once that read "Volleyball doesn't build character, it reveals it." I think that it finally showed me my character. I'm learning to apply that to other areas of my life.

It's also taught me tough lessons. That life doesn't always go as planned. That you have to take what you get and make do it with it sometimes. That there are things you cannot change and must accept.

In whatever situation you find yourself, glance at the negatives of it, learn something from it, but study the postives and apply it to your life.

DLC forever.
(Dedication, Loyalty, Courage)

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