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[18 Apr 2009|11:17am]

Name: Sarah
Age: 15
Years Played: 5 years
School/Team: I played for my middle school and served as captain for all three years, and went on to play varsity in high school. 

i play seven sports, but volleyball and softball are my main two. 

I played setter for my middle school team, and in my freshman year of highschool.  I have now switched to outside hitter, and i lovee it!!!

I just had reconstructive surgery on my knee, so i don't know if  i will be able to play in the fall, but i'm hoping to!!

[02 Mar 2009|02:53pm]


Name: Zala

Age:  17

Years played: 8

Position: Outside hitter? :P dunno if this is what its called

Im from slovenia, been playing for 8 years. I love vball more than anything and my goal is to become a pro vball player but I dont think this will ever happen :D

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[06 Jan 2009|01:51pm]

Hey alllllll! [Mods, if this is inappropriate, please feel free to delete it, and I apologize in advance. ^^;]

I'm so sorry to be bothering you all, but I have a favor to ask. I'm working at an internship for High Voltage Beverage Company, who is trying to publicize their new soda, Volt, which is a competitor to Mountain Dew.

BASICALLY my plea to you all is to PLEASE fan the facebook page that I'm managing for my boss. He thinks I'm slacking off and I really have NO IDEA how to get more people on there [besides people I already know!].

Sooo anyway, here's the link to the page:


In addition there are sweet videos on there that will [hopefully!] amuse you.. and here's a sample of such that I did recently:

Thank you all SO SO SO SO much. <3


P.S. Please don't critique my acting skills, I know they're awful. :P

[02 Sep 2006|11:29pm]

Hey! I'm  a first time poster, but I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on being libero/ds, on anything. thanks ahead of time :)
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[18 Jun 2006|01:15pm]

Name: Megan J
Age: 16
Years played: 4
Position: MH, DS, OH
School/team you play for: Cashmere High School
City, State: Cashmere, WA

I also play softball, which is my number one sport. But at the moment I'm really leaning towards volleyball because I'm having so much fun playing right now. When I was a freshman I played JV with three others, while the other freshman were on C squad. I played varsity sophomore year as a libero and MH, and now I'm hoping I can start at MH. Funny thing is, I'm only 5'6".
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[01 Nov 2005|07:58pm]

I have never been so happy in my entire life (that may be a small stretch, but I doubt it). I practiced again today, blocking for awhile before Coach told me to go ahead and try hitting middle. So I did. First one was a downball, second one was into the net, and third one was a pretty good actual jump and hit spike. So then as I got more and more comfortable, I called for a one (quick) and got a kill off of it. Dayumn, that felt nice.

We served for awhile and when we missed we had to take a lap around the gym. Well, I missed twice, and I have to tell you, I don't think running has ever felt that good. It's the little things that I appreciate now more than ever. The feel of the ball against my hand. The grip of my shoes while running. I know it sounds like a corny poetry line, but you have no idea until you've been in this situation. I was having a great time in practice while some other people wore frowns. I almost felt bad for them. They don't know how good they've got it. I also want to slap the people that complain about a foot cramp or a scratch on their arm. I never was one much for complaining about pain and still am not. I just want to tell them "I'm playing on a torn ACL. Don't talk to me about pain."

Anyway, my leg didn't hurt at all today. I'm really loving this brace. I forget that I even have it on while I'm playing. I always thought they'd be annoying, but I rarely ever notice it. I can jump as much as I want so as long as when I land, I flex enough and don't land stiff legged. I think that's how I got hurt to begin with. I was sort of jumping up and leaning to my left and when I landed, I landed pretty stiff and that just sent my ACL for a loop. I won't make that mistake again. The pain right now is minumum. As long as I don't hurt myself again, this should help prepare my knee for surgery. It will get it flexing more and be more mobile, which was my goal to have done for surgery. The more mobile it is before surgery, the faster my recovery time will be (supposidly).

If you had told me 30 days ago that I would be playing by the end of the season, I would have laughed at you. Just shows what dedication, loyalty, and courage can do. I never even considered playing again until the regional tournament when another Coach brought it up to my Coach. I mean, I'd dreamed about it (literally) but I never saw it happening. God, this feels great. In the last month I have achieved my lowest low and my highest high. It's been one hell of a ride too.
*whispers* and honestly, I don't regret getting hurt to begin with. I can see where the whole "everything happens for a reason" line was going now. It did.

If you'd like more information on my ACL injury, my thoughts and reactions to it, and my surgery please visit acl_injury
If you're an athlete that has been injured (or even if you haven't!) please visit injured_athlete

Sorry for the shameless plug, it just makes things easier. :)
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New Member [18 Oct 2005|04:48am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Name:Christine Sly Age: 22

Years played: 6 Straight years and then the last 3 years haven't had the time

Position:DS (Defensive Specialist)

 School/team you play for: I played for Hunter High School and one year for Westminster College ,

State: Salt lake City, Utah

I also coached High School Volleyball for 1 1/2 years... That was pretty fun, the best part was I was almost the same age as the girls so we really had a connection..My first year I coached we took 5th in State... Feel free to ask any questions

Volleyball Essay [17 Oct 2005|07:40pm]

As my last volleyball season wound to a close, I began to think about all that we'd been through. Like the time...Collapse )

[04 Oct 2005|06:50pm]

Our first volleyball game since my injury was tonight. It was pretty hard to just sit there. I had one job (the only I could physically do) and that was watch the other team and find holes for our hitters. I decided I sucked at that job. haha, but I'll work on it. Trying to stay positive and optimistic. It's hard. Everyone thinks I'm happy-go-lucky, fine-with-it, but they haven't been here when I lay in bed and spend a few hours crying. It's hard.

Becky said the team cried. I guess it may have been my card that did it. I told them that Coach was always right. Play every game like it might be your last and play with no regrets.

They're all behind me. All supporting. It's just really damn hard. I wasn't supposed to have to worry about never playing again for another month. It ended prematurely. I'm just hoping I'll be able to help out in practice more by the end of the season and won't be stuck sitting down still.

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